Snowy weather is so much fun with young children . If you are lucky enough to live in an area which gets a decent snowfall in the winter, you might as well make the most of it and get outdoors with the kids – they’ll thank you for it! If you are struggling for ideas of what to do in the snow, then look no further. Here, we have 5 great ideas for you to try next time it’s snowing.

Kids Activities and Games to Play in the Snow

  1. Go sledding. This is the classic snowy day activity, especially if you have been lucky enough to have a decent snowfall. Kids snow sleds are great past-time memories for me growing up. If you don’t have a sled, try using a large plastic bag, a tray or even try a beach inner tube and go tobogganing!
  2. Have a snowball fight. You could set up some targets for kids to practice their aim, if you don’t want them hitting each other!
  3. Build a snowman, or an igloo! If your kids are getting bored with building traditional snowmen, why not challenge them to build an igloo! Or if they are younger, they can try making their favorite animal instead. You could even try and guess what the other person has made!
  4. Paint the backyard. Color water using food dyes and put this into empty spray bottles. Then, let the kids color and decorate using the snowy ground as a beautiful blank canvas.
  5. Feed the birds. Snowy weather can make it difficult for feathered friends to find enough to eat. After playing in the snow, warm up indoors whilst making bird feeders to hang around the backyard. Use string or fishing line to thread on foods such as dried fruit, cereal and popcorn. Or, use a hollowed-out orange and fill with seeds and other treats for the birds to enjoy.

We hope this have given you some inspiration to get and play with your kids in the snow!