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A Complete Guide On The Female Reproductive Health Of The Dog

Congratulation on getting home your favorite furry friend!

So, it is here finally, the day when you brought your fury friend home from the adoption center and you were desperately waiting to have her and now that you have her you feel so complete. There is nothing that is out of place in your life and you are the happiest mom of a furry baby as much as you think and know.

At six months:

When the pup turns six, you suddenly notice a slight change in her behavior and you start to wonder what is amiss. You call up the vet and you want to have a word before you take her for a checkup. It turns out that your little pup is now growing up in to a female dog and is almost gearing up for mating!

The vet tells you all this:

The estrus:

The estrus is the period of heightened hormonal activity in the dog and this is also the time that is getting ready to mate. The weeks after estrus spanning roughly the course of two to four weeks will be the time as to how long dogs stay in heat for.

During the estrus, the dog starts having swollen vulva and there is a blood or other discharge through it. This is also the time when the dog experiences some kind of psychological pains a la their human counterparts. And it can definitely be a painful growing up phase. The dog needs to be comforted and also given enough privacy.

While in heat the dog will readily present itself to the male dogs that it thinks is prospective in order to facilitate mating. The female dog has heat period for two to four weeks roughly in a period of six months.…