So you thought Facebook is just to check status updates? Well, the fact is that Facebook can also be used for educational purposes.

‘Would you rather questions’ I found on Facebook? Facebook can also be used to fund research resources and you can also get what is new and current about the research topic.

Get information from the masses

Instead of getting information from Google or Wikipedia, you could ask the Facebook crowd about any information and what their opinion is on any topic. This can be used to put any public information and any poll in your research report.

Lectures can be taken remotely

Facebook can let you tune into lectures remotely and you can now see a presentation from across the world by using the Facebook remote login application.

Follow celebrities and politicians

If you are studying about any current affair and you need the current information about a politician, then you could use Facebook to follow the celebrity and you could even ask the students to interact with the candidate and post relevant questions.


Generating polls had never been so easy. With Facebook, you can now have a public poll that can be used for your research. All that you need to do is to post the poll and ask the crowd on Facebook to respond to it.

Facebook games

There are a number of games on Facebook and many of them are educational too. There are crosswords and math games which are fun to play and at the same time stimulate your mind.

Facebook can be an interesting platform to learn and you can use it to your advantage to do your projects or college assignments. You can use Facebook to get reviews of books or you can even use Facebook to get support for your school where the school may be forced to cut down on a service due to the constraint in the budget. Facebook thus offers a huge learning platform provided you use it well.